About Breo

Since Breo's foundation in 2000, we manufacture nothing but the best massagers for personal health & relaxation needs.

Breo's portable massagers are one of a kind, designed under the traditional oriental concept of Qi and Meridian system with the help of advanced technology to offer a new and soothing massage experience in order to inspire a refreshed spirit.

Breo values health, intelligence and aesthetics, focuses on side effects from modern lifestyle, such as stiff neck, dry eyes, hand pain from typing and many else.

Breo dedicates to produce wellness products, specialising in head & eye massager, neck massager as well as hand and scalp massager, which offer better relaxation to users at any time. We produce not only massagers for the relaxation needs, but also with the Breo lifestyle in mind – to simply relax your body, mind and spirit anytime and anywhere.


Since our foundation in 2000, our R&D department hasbeen inspired by traditional Chinese medicine theory with our global customer’sneeds in mind.

Since then, the Breo team has expanded to help spread our mission of assisting people of all kinds, in all places, to relax. As a result, our portable massagers have become one of the most popular wellness products around the globe. In addition to our 200+ person team, Breo has over 100storefronts and we operate in over 60 countries including the United States, Australia, Korea, and Japan.

Our Philosophy

Ancient principles with modern methods- Breo focuses on facilitation of balance (Ying & Yang), energy (Qi) and Wind (the bodies response to external stressors).

Breo’s philosophy is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture - we create products whose primary purpose is to help restore the bodies balance.

Use of Breo products and the practice of massage supports a balanced, healthy lifestyle by supplying much needed relaxation and life energy through.